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RoyalBaby Kids Scooter

Detachable Handlebar/Stem

RoyalBaby scooters are all around easy to operate. The tri-wheel design stabilizes the scooter and it is equipped with a thick non-slip deck and a wide rear brake. The wheels light up while in use and the scooter steers with a lean-to-steer system. The handlebars are easily detachable for easy storage. After years of experience with children's bicycles, RoyalBaby aims to bring these same standards to the scooter market.

About this item

  • Wheels: Tri-wheel design stabilizes the scooter. Wheels are made of high-quality PU and light up when in use. Perfect for both sidewalks and pavement
  • Lean-to-steer system: Easy to turn left or right by shifting body weight around the center. A 45 degree turning angle provides neat and smooth turns.
  • Extra-wide and thick non-slip deck: Wide enough for children to stand on this scooter with both feet.
  • Rear Brake: Convenient and easy to operate wide foot break provides ample stopping power.